Exercises for the legs

The leg exercises are useful for strengthening and slimming the lower limbs, therefore they are suitable for men and women.

Generally, it is recommended to perform at least 2/3 sessions per week and to repeat each exercise at least 10 times for two sets.

Strengthen the legs, what are the exercises for men?

Glutes Bent Kick cross: This exercise tones the buttocks.

Starting position: on your knees with your hands touching the floor as wide as your shoulders.

The angle between the femur and the floor is 90 В°.

The leg is pushed upwards Turinabol France keeping the angle between the femur and the tibia 90 В°.

Repeat this movement 10 times, then change legs.

Handle Squats: This exercise trains the hamstring quadriceps.

Departure: the person is standing in front of the door with his feet as wide as his shoulders, his legs stretched out, his back straight and his arms stretched forward with his hands holding the handle.

The exercise consists in bending the knees until reaching a 90 В° angle between the femur (thigh) and the tibia (leg).

Perform 4 sets of 15 repetitions with a 30-second pause between sets.

Lunges: Lunges are performed with or without weights. Lunges are more difficult than squats because you need more stamina. In fact, beginners are not advised to use weights when lunging.

Exercises for legs with weights for man

Leg Press: You have to sit on the machine by putting your feet on the platform.

You should keep your back straight on the support.

It starts with the legs stretched out (the weight rises) and they bend until the legs reach an angle of 90 degrees (the weight goes down).

From this position, he pushes forward until his knees are almost completely extended.

Perform 10 reps for 3 sets.

This exercise is complete because it strengthens the quadriceps, the buttocks, the calves and also the back muscles of the leg.

It is often used in physiotherapy for rehabilitation after meniscus, crusader surgery, after a fracture of the femur or for patellofemoral syndrome.

Squat: Squat is a simple exercise to perform and is a good warm-up before a workout for the lower limbs.

You can do this exercise with or without weights.

To add intensity to the exercise it is recommended to hold a barbell or dumbbells in your hand. Leg Extension: Leg Extension is a very simple exercise to do in the gym. It starts from sitting with the legs bent and extend by lifting a bar connected to weights. You can change the intensity of this male exercise by adding or removing weight from the machine. Leg Curl: This exercise trains the hamstring and is useful for both professional and beginner sportsmen. Standing Barbell Deadlift: This bodybuilding exercise overloads the lower back, it is not recommended for beginners and people with back pain.

When performing this barbell exercise, it is recommended that you get professional assistance.

If this exercise is done incorrectly and with heavy loads, it can cause back injury.

Press calf: The calf can also be performed without a machine, but when you exercise with the leg press machine, you can change the weight you lift. This exercise can also be performed with only one step.

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